Welcome!   I am Gloria Frigola, MA, LCMFT. I completed a Master degree at the Autonomous University of Barcelona in systemic-family therapy within the Faculty of Psychiatry, and I finished another 30 postgraduate hours in marriage and family counseling within the Counseling Program at Johns Hopkins University, the Marriage and Family Program at the University of Maryland, and the therapy program at the American School of Professional Psychology.

I have specialized in couple counseling for the last 20+ years, and provide a nonjudgmental, nongender-based approach to solving marriage and couple issues. Such issues include sexual relating, communication difficulties, problems in expression of affection and support, proper control of anger and aggression, the promotion of respect and mutuality, and problem solving in a collaborative approach to conflict resolution concerning such issues as child rearing, in-law disputes, money management, past infidelities, identification of common shared values and future goals, and a myriad of other themes which emerge within couple relationships.

I also see individual adults, and treat conditions involving anxiety, depression, relationship issues, and adjustment to stressful life events.


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Current Availability

By Appointment

We currently have appointments open with Dr. Muse and Gloria Frigola, MA at our Woodstock, Virginia office.


A Note on Fees


We strongly recommend that you contact your insurance before the initial evaluation to guarantee that your treatment is covered. Dr. Muse currently accepts Anthem insurance, whereas Gloria Frigola is accepting Optium and CIGNA For self-pay/out-of-network, we provide the documentation that you later turn into your insurer for reimbursement, if you have such coverage. For out-of-network or self-pay arrangements, we request payment at the time that service is rendered.

Our current fees are $180 for individual therapy with Dr. Muse, and $140 for individual or couple therapy with Ms. Frigola.



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